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Funny Elf on the Shelf Scenarios to Make Your Kids Laugh

There is a touch of magic brought to the holiday season from Elf on the Shelf. The playful antics of the elf can make your kids laugh and it can be a great way to bring the family together. You can create humorous scenarios with the elf so that you can thoroughly have some festive mischief.

An effective way to bring

The family together is having the elf getting into some silly scenarios. You can even start the tradition from October with Elf on the Shelf Halloween ideas. There are so many props and accessories that you can find online. One of the places you can have fun with the elf is in the bathroom where there can be a toilet paper avalanche. A few rolls of toilet paper can be unrolled around the bathroom and this can even go towards the stairs so that a funny scene can be created. The elf can be buried underneath the toilet paper with their arms or legs sticking out. This can be a predicament they have got into when they were trying to decorate. There can even be toilet paper wrapped around a ceiling light in the bathroom to show that the elf has tried some redecorating. It is an easy set up to create.

There are interactive scenarios involving the elf as well.

You can stage a cookie heist where the elf has taken cookies from the jar. There will be a trail of cookie crumbs that will lead to the elf from the jar and you can find the elf stuffing their face with cookies. There can be cookie crumbs around them or even a half-eaten cookie. There can also be a note from the elf that is apologising for their sneaky behaviour and they will be promising to clean up. There can be a silly string attack from the elf as well. A small part of the living area can be covered by silly string and this will make it look like the elf has been having a party. The elf can be in the middle of the chaos and they can be tied up with the string and trying to play with it.

There can be so many pranks that involve the elf as well.

There can be a toothpaste prank where the elf has written funny messages in the bathroom mirror. These messages can be found in many unusual spaces like the lobby mirror as well. You can also take a toy from the children and have the elf placed trying to brush their teeth. You can also place the elf in the living room or outdoors if you  have a covered porch having a snowball fight. The snowballs can be made from white pom poms or small cotton balls. These can be arranged around the shelf and it can make the elf look like they have been involved in a snowball fight. The elf will be in a position ready to throw the snowball and you can place other toys around the shelf so that it can create a fun scene.